CoastXP is committed to the communities and environment in which we operate, which is why in 2019 we partnered with local carbon offset company MySequester offering passengers a carbon offset alternative on every one of our tours.

MySequester is a carbon offset marketplace connecting individuals to landholders. The marketplace acts as a small scale carbon offset system letting individuals directly offset their carbon footprint for the activities they participate in.

MySequester and CoastXP recently visited St Francis Xavier’s Primary School in Belmont to conduct our first tree planting day with some of the year six students. On the day, the…

Newcastle is home to a broad variety of coastal and seabird species, many of which we are lucky enough to come across on our tours. Some seabirds are resident to Newcastle, whereas others travel tens of thousands of kilometres to feed or raise their hatchlings.


In Newcastle, we typically see Black-browed Albatrosses a long distance from the coast, often when we are out looking for whales during whale watching season. These birds have some fantastic aerial displays, often coming within centimetres of the water’s surface with their wingtips. …

At CoastXP we’re focused on what makes this region a great place to live, visit and experience. A destination is only as good as the people who call it home, and we think that the Greater Newcastle region is pretty amazing. Throughout this guide you will get to meet many of the local people and businesses which call this region home. Look at this guide kind of like a bucket list — if you got to experience each of these at least once in your lifetime, you would get to see parts of the Hunter few get to see!

Walking Tours with Newcastle Afoot


There are many reasons we enjoy operating tours along the stunning Hunter Coastline – from Lake Macquarie to Newcastle’s iconic working harbour. Although, it’s not only locals and visitors that enjoy these waters, dolphins do too!

In Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins are two of the most regularly sighted cetaceans on our tours. Cetacean (the infraorder of Cetacea) is the classification of marine mammal entrusted to whales, dolphins and porpoises. Fortunately, guests aboard our tours are likely to see dolphins on almost every trip.

Common Dolphins

Visually one of the best-looking dolphins we get to often see on…

Newcastle is full of surprises around every corner. For a long time, the city has been recognised for having incredible creative potential, having more artists per capita than anywhere else in Australia.

In the celebration of this fact, we thought we would highlight some of our favourite new and old ocean-related street art from around the city, and where to find it.

Merewether Aquarium — Trevor Dickinson

The first of which is the Merewether Aquarium by Newcastle artist and icon, Trevor Dickinson. Aquarium you say? I didn’t know Newcastle had its own Aquarium?? …

Secluded beaches, pristine bays and islands of your choice, it sounds like a luxury holiday by the ocean. Believe it or not, this and so much more is waiting for you right here on our doorstep in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

Experience Newcastle and Lake Macquarie in the most authentic way possible!

Photo: Lee Illfield Photography

Bespoke Tours

Relax as you have exclusive use of our custom-built vessel, Atmos. Our Private Charters are booked upon request and tailored to your individual needs.

The Newcastle and Lake Macquarie coastline boasts some of the most stunning sights in the Hunter from wrecks to islands, sea caves, beaches and cliffs. …

We love living near the coast, especially in summer. Newcastle during summer is a mixture of early mornings and late afternoons, spent by the beach. Newcastle boasts some of the most perfect lifestyle options along the whole east coast, with the city, beach and harbour all close by.

We recently asked the question “what is your favourite part about Summer in Newcastle?” on our Instagram page, and here’s what you had to say!

Surfing and Swimming

Let’s be honest, we’re soft when it comes to water temperatures on the east coast. Do you know someone who won’t take a dip in the ocean…

Newcastle Harbour is a hive of activity from ships to tugs, wrecks, rivers, kayakers, rowers, yachts and everything in between. Novocastrians love our harbour, and with its deepwater access we get to enjoy seeing ships arrive from all over the world. So, here are 10 reasons why we love Newcastle Harbour!

1. Statute of Destiny

The Statue of Destiny was constructed to commemorate 200 years of commercial shipping in the Port of Newcastle by local artist Julie Squires. The nine-metre high sculpture incorporated over 30 individual pieces in its construction. …

Port Stephens is an adventurers playground, a short 50-minute drive north from Newcastle along the hunter coastline. Known for its pristine beaches, water-based activities and laidback back feel, Port Stephens has something for just about everyone!

1. Climb a Mountain

At the entrance to Nelson Bay lies Tomaree Head and Yacaaba Head. Often referred to as Mount Tomaree, the headland is a giant 161 metres above the Port Stephens entrance, boasting 360-degree views of the bay, islands and surrounding beaches. It is a well-established track to the summit which features some steps and steep sections.

Looking east from the summit, you will be able…

Humpback whales are some of the most curious and inquisitive out of all marine mammals easily identified by the distinctive hump on their back, behind their dorsal fin, but did you know these facts?

1. They Can Bubble Feed

Humpback whales have a unique way of feeding. They are referred to as ‘baleen whales’, essentially meaning they have no teeth. Instead, their mouth is made up of baleen plates. A humpback whales diet is primarily made up of krill and small schooling fish. They trap their prey with a large open-mouth and then filter out the seawater, through these baleen plates. They also have a…


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